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7950 Dublin Blvd, Suite 314 Dublin, CA 94568

Overview is a real-time aerial imagery service for agriculture.  Every week during the growing season, we deliver a birds-eye view of your farm in multiple wavelengths.  Using this imagery, a grower can use the images to plan scouting, management activities, and interventions.   Our customers have reported both saving and earning several times what they paid for OverView.  Let us help you improve the operations and finances of your farm this year by ordering on our on-line system. 

How TerrAvion Will Benefit Your Farm

OverView can be used to:

  • Optimize irrigation to improve yield and uniformity,  or reduce water use
  • Make scouting more efficient
  • Detect anomalies caused by disease or pests
  • Supervise and monitor interventions

Our service pays for itself.  Our customers report using TerrAvion’s imagery to:

  • Save labor, by letting managers take on more acres
  • Improve the efficiency of operations, with better communication by having everyone looking at the same picture–literally
  • Improved timing and application of interventions
  • Reduced vehicle and travel expenses, by having less frequent and more targeted trips to outlying fields