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Wonderful Nurseries

27920 McCombs Avenue Wasco, CA 93280

Formerly known as Vintage Nurseries, the largest grapevine nursery in North America has changed its name to Wonderful Nurseries. The move recognizes the synergies between the company’s successful, growing nursery business and its parent The Wonderful Company’s agricultural businesses.

Fully committed to a “Growers First” philosophy, Wonderful Nurseries provides the highest level of personal service, coupled with extraordinary selection and quality. Since being acquired by The Wonderful Company in 2013, it has changed the culture of the vine industry, providing greater choices for its long-standing customer base. This philosophy also closely reflects the strong service-oriented approach found across all of The Wonderful Company’s business units.

The company recently invested $25 million to build a new greenhouse on its property, which boasts an eight million-vine capacity. The greenhouse features an advanced screening process utilizing positive/negative air pressure at doorways and connecting buildings to prevent pest entry. Specialized lighting systems, in combination with an expanded mist propagation system, ensure a controlled, optimal growing environment. The multi-faceted greenhouse focuses on entirely avoiding material waste and modular flexibility to expand as needed.

Wonderful Nurseries’ new lab, only 20 minutes from the nursery itself, adds to these expanded capabilities. Located in Shafter and headed by the highly respected Dr. Tefera Mekuria, Ph.D., this advanced internal lab uses qPCR (Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction), the most sensitive and precise commercial vine-testing technology available. Following protocols established by Foundation Plant Services, University of California, Davis, the lab has built-in safeguards to maximize the cleanliness of the operation for testing both internal and external product.